Best Cell Phone Plans For Seniors

Something good should not be age-based; seniors deserve to live a better life as well by going technological. Old age and being technological savvy are two different things. Seniors should not be left to taking a walk, reading newspapers, or sleeping as their relaxation focus alone. They should be allowed to connect to their world through cellphones whether they wish to stream their favourite shows, have FaceTime with their loved ones, watch films on YouTube, find the best online shopping deals, and lots more. There are always cellphone plans that are available and suitable for seniors of 55 and above with awesome discount benefits. Some of the leading cell phone plans for seniors, plus some alternatives that might fit you even better.

Top cellphone plans for seniors

Product name: Consumer Cellular (Offers The Best value)

Product Summary: Consumer Cellular is one of the cellphones that was made with the considerations of the seniors in mind. This is why its features include affordable plans. It runs on low-cost data with a 5% discount on the cellphones bills if you fall within the category of seniors that are above 50 years.

What we like: The data plans are in affordable categories from 2GB-20GB, although, it is based on the higher the data, the higher the price. The data plan is meant for downloads, browsing, face time, playing games, watch videos on YouTube and lots more. Another benefit is unlimited talk and text messages.


  • Unlimited talks and texts.
  • Cheaper plans.


  • Limited and less reliable coverage.

Product name: Verizon Wireless (Offers The Best family plan).

Product Summary: No other network beats its reach across the country. It gives you access to making calls, browsing, and downloading online from any angle without experiencing any network hitch.

What we like: The data is unlimited, which means you can spend a long time exploring the internet. Though it is costlier than other networks, there are discount benefits for seniors above the age of 55. Apart from that, there is the family plan which gives a general discount on the purchase.


  • Wider network reach
  • Unlimited data enjoyment


  • Costlier than other plans

Product name: TracFone Wireless (Offers The Best prepaid plan)

Product Summary: TracFone gives you the opportunity of customizing your planas you wish. Also, it offers the benefit of doing a prepaid on your phone, which is extremely uncommon to find in other phone plans. You will be charged for every data, text, as well as every minute you spend extra. Furthermore, it is not compatible with newer phones. These are the phones it can work with iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone 7, Samsung Galaxy J3, Samsung, Samsung Galaxy S7, Motorola Moto, LG Premier Pro LTE, and Galaxy J7. When you use it with older phones, you have the opportunity to save more money.

What we like: It comes with a decent coverage that is cheaper. In addition to that, you are provided with cheap-low data options with varying plans and amounts of data which are available from 1GB-3GB. With the 1GB, you have the opportunity to browse, watch funny videos on WiFi, and Face Timingwith family members. With 3GB, you can have the added opportunity of watching TV shows and movies. The talk and text plan is unlimited, and some options are open to users over 50. TracFone is, however, limited in the aspect of not having high data limit options. If you want a prepaid phone, then you should not care about unlimited data.


  • Varieties of low data options
  • Unlimited talk and text


  • Limited data options

Product name: GreatCall (Offers The Best senior-friendly plan)

Product Summary: GreatCall has many offers that supersede what you might think, and it also provides health features. Jitterbug phones work extraordinarily for tech-savvy seniors as well as the people who are novices to the use of smartphones. This is because it possess you with 5.5 screens with text that are boldly displayed, no need to squint before seeing it. Added to those features is the 13MP camera that has a LED flash, front-facing speakers that make your audio clear and distinct, urgent response buttons that are on the home screen, and voice typing that allows you to indicate your messages instead of typing them.

What we like: It has a health benefit features which offers the ability to keep family members in the loop about your health. It also provides access for any urgent help with the health and safety packages that make it easy to use. With the 5Star Urgent Response button, you can get access to a service agent on time for you or any other close person who needs urgent medical attention. Lastly, the GreatCall Link App will notify your family that you used the urgent response button.


  • Plans use Jitterbug phones.
  • There are health and safety features.


  • There is no new app or Android devices.