All You Need To Know About Online Tax Prep and Filing

Every given year, millions of people save most of their time and money when it comes to paying their tax by choosing the online payment option or by filing their return on tax online. People can now payand plan easily for taxes while swiftly receiving their funds through a direct deposit with online tax services and software. For people who are contemplating paying or hiring a tax professional to preparetheir tax returns, the tax software is made of two distinct benefits.

Firstly, it ensures that all required expenditures and forms are in record and properly filed. You can trust that no one has ever shared a palatable story of being audited by the IRS. Again, tax software will also help you in maximizing the return on tax. As a result of continuous changes in the law of taxes, individuals and business owners may find it hard to keep a watch on every new deduction that is accessible. Since there is a constant update of tax software, there's a guarantee for users to get an updated opportunity in getting additional money back on their returns. If you are facing difficulties in filing a tax return, here's how to do it.

How to file a tax return

To file your tax return, you should follow the simple process below

1. Ensure all your paperwork is gathered

  • This includes a W-2 form from every employer
  • statement of earning and interest
  • Donation receipts that are charitably made, including the expenditures on medical and business if you want to itemize your return.

2. Select the status of your filing. This is based on your marital status. Your household expenses is also a determinant of the percentage you are to pay for your filing status.

3. Figure out how you want your taxes filed. You can use software for tax preparation for e-filing for a return that will be easy and most precise as this is a recommendation of theIRS.

4. Decide to take a standard deduction, or you will be getting your return itemized. The newly introduced tax law increases the standard deduction. However, it also ensures that certain types ofdeductions are eliminated.

5. If you have some money to pay, you should learn how to make a tax payment and how to apply for a plan of payment.

6. You ensure that your tax is filed before the deadline, commonly on the 15th of April of every year.

Tips on picking the right tax payment and price plan

You may have probably been wasting a huge sum of money if you have been hiring the services of a professional to help you prepare a tax return. Thankfully, technology has made it easy for people to pay without needing a pro. Here is some prep software you can choose from. Each of the plansis per state filed.

H&R Block: Best Free Option

If there are complicated returns, this tax company is the perfect choice for you. They offer the following features.

  • Deluxe Online (This is for owners of homes, donations, and HSAs): $29.99 + $36.99
  • Premium Online (This is for investors, people that are into freelancing, and contractors): $49.99 + $36.99
  • People employed online (This is for people who has self business and small business): $79.99 + $36.99

Liberty Tax: This is a perfect value for those that are self-employed

  • Basic: $44.95 for federal + $39.95
  • Deluxe: $44.95 for federal + $34.95
  • Premium: $44.95 for federal + $34.95

Jackson Hewitt: Best Virtual Tax Prep from Home

  • Free: $0 for federal + $0
  • Deluxe: $29.99 for federal + $36.99
  • Premier: $49.99 for federal + $36.99

TurboTax: Best Expert Help

  • Free Edition: $0 federal and $0
  • Deluxe Edition: $40 federal + $40
  • Premier: $70 + $40
  • For those that are self-employed: $90 + $40

TaxSlayer: Best Budget Option

  • Totally free: $0 for federal + $0
  • Classic: $17 for federal + $29
  • Premium: $37 for federal + $29
  • For those that are self-employed: $47 for federal + $29

TaxAct: Best Free Option, Runner-Up

  • Free: $0 federal + $0
  • Deluxe+: $35 for federal + $39.95
  • Premier+: $50 for federal + $39.95
  • For those that are self-employed+: $80 for state + $49.95

To whom does the tax software suite?

The tax software suits every taxpayer. However, there is a free file offer from the IRS. This is strictly meant for people with income belowb$69,000. The IRS is responsible for providing these people with the links to tax software without being charged. It also makes provisions for free fillable forms for people who have an income of over $69,000. Additionally, the IRS also provides a free lookup. This is meant to help you select the filling options that seem to be the best and suitable for you and your need.